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Hi all. I know this is way early to be thinking about this, but I just wanted to have an upgrade path plan ready. So I just built a system:

X3 445
HIS 4850 (1gb version)
Blackbone Case
Dell 17' 1280x1024
4gb OCZ DDR3
WD 350gb 7200 rpm

This is a gaming PC only. Right now I'm playing Starcraft 2 and Civ 5 which I can max out with really no fps issues. In the future, the main game I want to be able to play on high or max settings is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Other games will be WoW, Diablo 3, Portal 2 etc. but the main concern will be the new Star Wars MMO coming out. I may be able to upgrade as soon as 3 months from now to 6 months from now. I know that PCI-e 3.0 will be out late next year and the AM3 socket will be changed sometime next year also, so I want the upgrade to be something that will help me stay current without swapping out the motherboard for the next couple of years.

Options I was thinking:

Upgrade to the new 3.5ghz Phenom 2 X4 BE
Pickup up a 5870 or a 6850 (when it comes out) and a new monitor

Change the motherboard and processor all together eventually (would like to avoid this)

So which do you all think is the best option? any other suggestions I didn't think of? Should I do both if possible, and if so which one first?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Actually with such a low resolution display i would just hit a GPU upgrade if that HD 4850 isn't cutting the mustard for future gaming titles ^^
  2. So would your answer change if in the future I upgraded the monitor to a 20' widescreen? Would that then make my system pretty weak?
  3. Get a 22 inch at 1920x1080 resolution monitor and a new GPU. At 1920x1080 you probably dont want to go below 22 inches or text can get pretty small in some game interfaces. At 1920x1080 the 4850 is still decent (plays games medium-high) but a stronger GPU will let you play at very high DX11 settings. The main MMO I am playing right now (Lord of the Rings Online) just added DX11 shading and water effects. The water effects are very nice and the shading is a noticeable improvement over DX10.
  4. So is it the general consensus that a new CPU would not be as valuable an upgrade for my gaming needs as a new GPU and the X3 445 should suit me fine for a couple of years?
  5. Yep unless u were on a dated single/dual core that chip is fine but instant gains = GPU upgrade
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