5750 512mb for 1600x900 (Starcraft 2)

Hi Guys,

I've done some back reading, but haven't really found the exact answer. Is my HD 5750 512MB sufficient on a 1600x900 monitor, while playing Starcraft 2?

Here are my specs:
Core i3 530
Windows 7 Home Basic

There are times when the game gets choppy especially when the mission is just starting or when there are plenty of units on screen. The game's default settings is HIGH for my setup.

Should I just bump up my ram instead to 4GB? My idle physical memory usage is around 21-22% already. I'm not sure if it's the RAM or CPU causing this choppy behavior. It usually goes away if I pause the game for around 10 seconds after the stage has loaded. Other people have also been experiencing this situation.

Thanks and more power to you! :)
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  1. You can try lowering your resolution or just turnoff AA if they are enabled in the game ...and actually 2 gb ram is little less for high setting games and at higher resolutions.
  2. lower your settings to medium
  3. This issue has nothing to do with your RAM.

    You say:

    There are times when the game gets choppy especially when the mission is just starting or when there are plenty of units on screen.

    Then it is quite definite that the CPU is causing it. As you said when more objects are spawned the FPS gets low that means your CPU can't handle more processes.

    So, the only solution would be to overclock your CPU as much as possible.
  4. ^
    Agree with Raiyus.
    What is your current cpu speed?
    You can try OC it a little bit and see if that help...
  5. Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your speedy replies.

    I'm not too familiar with CPU speeds. From what I know, my CPU is a stock Core i3 530 2.93 GHz.

    My motherboard is an Intel DH55TC H55 V/ddr3/GL/S (http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/motherboards/DH55TC/DH55TC-overview.htm)

    I'm not yet knowledgeable on OC'ing and thus am limited to stock specs and tinkering with the settings.

    I'm just a bit frustrated that SC2 recommends a high setting, in reality my computer can't handle it. Of course, am realistic and am aware that my computer ain't exactly a super gaming rig. :)

    From what I gather my options are:
    - Lower settings to medium
    - Change resolution (I've tried it and it doesn't really look too sharp because of my screens native resolution at 1600x900)
    - Increase RAM to 4GB
  6. I don't think lowering the settings and increasing ram will help you.

    you have to OC your CPU to 2.93 -to- 3.5.

    see the OC options in your bios. Believe me it will help.
  7. 2.93 GHz is a quite fast enough...

    Did you try the other games as well?
    If this choppy happened only on Starcraft then you have a problem with the game itself and not your hardware...
  8. Thanks again, guys. Will try to put my Kaspersky Internet Security to Game Mode as well so that it won't east as much resources.
  9. adding RAM might help. starcraft 2 can eat up to 1gb of RAM (or more) when playing. and considering win7 uses up to 30% of your available RAM @ startup alone.
  10. ^^+1
    it's right like i mentioned above 2 gb ram is like the minimum requirements of the games nowdays and using win 7 eats more ram.So upgrading your ram will surely help you.
  11. thanks guys! appreciate all the advice! :-)
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