Running windows 8 off a 128m SSD will Mstat caching give me any more

The Motherboard I ordered for my new system has a Mstat Port on-board my plan was to run 2 120M SSD in raid 0 if i do that would Msata Caching still give me any bump in speed? or is it like I have read not worth the effort when using SSD.
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    Using a mSata SSD to cache a SSD is pointless.

    Raid0 - what ae you plannng on using that require the higher Sequencial performance.

    Raid0 is primarily for inproving performance for accessing LARGE data/File structures such as editing large Jpeg/bitmap Photos often, editing/working with Large Video files (ie a dot VOB is typically 1 gig for a single file).
    Raid0 does VERY little for loading an OS and drivers/files as these tend t be smally files that are randomly spread out on drive. Raid0 does NOT improve access time, and does very little for improving small 4K random performance.

    NOTE wit raid0 you lose TRIM support UNless you have an Intel system that is using a Z7 series chipset/driver. For Intel Older systems there is a NON-supported work around for the Intel p/z6 series. Currently NO Trim support for AMD systems if using Raid.

    I much prefer, with 2 SSDs, a OS/Program drive and the 2nd drive as a storage drive with Most access files on it.
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  3. That is what I needed to know thank you and Yes I mostly do video editing and transcoding

    and my Motherboard supports trim now to be honest I just wanted it I am pretty sure it will make zero difference .
  4. ONLY mother board requirement was that the HD chipset supported AHCI.

    Trim is a Operating system command. The only requirement Initiall was that the motherboard chipset supported AHCI (uSoft default driver msahci), or the anuf of the chipset had a driver that supported passing trim. Intel was first on the block with a diver (iaSTor) that supported trim.
    Up untill recently No drivers supported trim if the Bios was set to Raid. However Intel developed a drive (Ver 10.6 that supported raid setting provided the SSD was NOT a member drive of a raid setup. The latest Intel rivers KNOW support passing trim even if the SSD is part of a raid setup - BUT currently only on their newer 7 Series chipsets.

    Simple checks will only show if trim is enabled, NOT that it is acted apound by the SSD.
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