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Hi! :bounce:

I built my Windows 7 i5 PC 4 months or so ago. Ran fine the first time and the build went rather smoothly for my first time. Luckily it still works but I have been having some problems that are a nuisance more than anything.

Find the build here.

1) Very occasional bsod's. Happens randomly, including in games, screen shows jagged lines for a second before going blue and I get a Window crash dump message (never done anything with them). Has been happening randomly pretty much a short time from when I first built it. Just a bit annoying really. Also, once or twice I get Windows start up repair when it doesn't start at all but a restart always fixes these issues so I have never bothered with them until now.

2) This is a wierd one. In Microsoft office under file most of the icons (such as save, load etc.) do not work at all. I click them with no response. This makes it impossible to save any document. I had the issue with Word 2007 and now I have word 2010 from the free upgrade and it has the same issue. I have even tried saving by closing the program but when I click yes to save it just returns to the document without saving or closing. In itunes also, the file menu is broken leaving me unable to backup libary or import songs the usual way (dragging still works). This shows it isn't just office.

3) - Maybe related to 2. Not so much of an isssue this. I get no response when trying to download ANYTHING in google chrome. It just doesn't work even after a reinstall. It works in IE and so I use that and it even works fine in an IE Tab in google chrome (using the extension).

Sorry for the essay. If anyone can give any insight to anyone of these issues it would be awesome. :sol:
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  1. Check the bios RAM voltage and timings. You probably need to force the voltage up to match your RAMs requirements.
  2. If everything in the bios is correct I would try removing hardware piece by piece. like running one ram stick at a time, unplugging unneeded devices such as extra hard drives or cdrom.

    check hard drive smart values or run memcheck or other diagnostic programs, hirens boot cd is good for this.

    possibly check your windows services but this shouldn't result in bsod
  3. Currently running at 1.5V, 1333MHz Timings: 9 9 9 24

    Where I bought it it said 1.7-1.9V so this could very well be the issue. Do you suggest manually changing it? (I'm not to confident with this stuff). I heard though voltages above 1.65v can damage the Intel CPU - what are your thoughts?

  4. If you have older 1.7V+ RAM you need to get rid of it and get (preferably) 1.5V RAM.
  5. dndhatcher said:
    If you have older 1.7V+ RAM you need to get rid of it and get (preferably) 1.5V RAM.

    It's new ram, I got all the parts at the same time and can't exactly dump £90 ram.
  6. Sean5861 said:
    It's new ram, I got all the parts at the same time and can't exactly dump £90 ram.

    If it says 1.7-1.9V, its an older RAM model regardless of when you got it from a store. Its never going to work well in a new intel motherboard. Your choices are to
    1> return (or ebay) it and get new RAM. If budgetbuybuild sold you incompatible RAM I would scream bloody murder at them until they RMA'ed it.
    2> run the RAM voltage at 1.65 and loosen the timings and try to get it stable
    3> overvolt the motherboard to 1.7+ and hope it doesnt overheat/overload.

    Good Luck.
  7. Thanks. Lack of clarification from the seller website misled me. Looking on Kinston website the 1.7-1.9 is for AMD, yet it still supports 1.65v for intel i5. So ill run it at 1.65 and see how it goes.

    Thanks a lot. Really. :)
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