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Hello, ive set up the video component of my new moniter. ive connected it to my laptop, and its working great, but my audio isnt coming through the built in speakers. what can be done to fix this? i will be grateful for any help.
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  1. if someone could even tell me how to get my old speakers to work while i use the moniter that would be just as awesome cuz as of now when i have the hdmi cable plugged in my screen goes blank and i cant hear the sound but my mouse and keyboard still work.

    what im assuming is that since my moniter DOES have speakers it set them as default, instead of the ones in my laptop. i really just want to use my headphones i dont care...
  2. Digital Rights management is your problem. The HDMI is a locked system so you can't (easily) record the data stream. When you switch to HDMI output you bypass your internal soundcard. This is why you cant watch the HDMI on your pc screen at the same time as on your TV/display. Do you have a dvi output on your laptop you could use instead?
  3. sorry i must have been a little unclear, its just that im a little frustrated :P thanks anyway.

    PROGRESS UPDATE: ive got audio coming through my headphones but the screwed up thing is that the only audio im getting is through itunes. ive tried vlc media player,windows media player, youtube on firefox, quicktime, a bunch of stuff. even the windows sounds arent working, just itunes, which makes me very suspicious.

    my computers speakers/my headphones work fine when i dont have the hdmi cable plugged in, so its not that. the tvs audio also works fine when im just browsing channels, so its not the speakers.

    popatim, what is digital rights management? and is the dvi output the 15 pronged one?

    much thanks!
  4. another progress update: k i downloaded a driver for ati/hdmi connectivity, and it solved one issue: i can now use my headphones, and use the speakers bulit in to my laptop.

    still tho i cant get sound to come from the moniter/tv, i KNOW it has working speakers.

    also, it used to say in the volume mixer settings that the moniter was plugged in and 'working', but it couldnt play a test sound.

    NOW it just says that its not plugged in even tho it is... wtf... do i need another driver update?

    plz help me
  5. Open your dashboard for your audio ...go into HDMI drop down click Default tab, and that should enable HDMI output...Question....What type of connection are you using from laptop to TV, DVI/HDMI or HDMI/HDMI?
  6. If your going DVI/HDMI then your laptop should still have sound coming from its speakers and none from the TV...HDMI/HDMI will make the TV your primary and will disable the laptop speakers...My DELL Studio 1555 is a little quirky sometimes when it comes to the sound...Also have you tried to do a system restore back to before you updated the drivers?
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