Windows freezes at boot.

Hello I am having an issue whenever I start my computer Windows freezes, I have tried starting the computer in safe mode and the same thing happens. Aslo there is a disk error. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. You didnt give much info to go on.

    Is it a message that mentions ACHI?
    Did something change in your Bios recently?
    You might need to turn ACHI on in your Bios.
  2. idk it just freezes when booting windows, and a disk error pops up nothing about ACHI thanks
  3. You didnt even tell us what the error message is. We arent psychic. Psychotic, maybe.
  4. lol well actually its just im trying to help a friend who is having this issue and this is all the info im gathering from them, i was just looking for an answer about what could cause a system to freeze while booting into windows.. Guess im sol. Anyhow thanks for trying to assist much appreciated
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