Internal ati crossfirex interconnect ?

Hey guys, Im looking to buy another Radeon HD 4670. and on the table it

It Shows my graphics card in red with a dot. What does internal ati crossfirex interconnect mean?
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  1. Also can someone explain the motherboard bit to me please
  2. That's mean you must use CrossFire bridge if you want to CrossFire your cards.
    So, this mean you can CF 4670 with 4670 with CrossFire Bridge to connect them.

    Motherboard is the place you plug all the components to make it all works.
    So if you want to CF 2 cards then you must get a CF capable motherboard (has 2 pcie slots).
  3. Ty and i have a dell motherboard but i take it i need a new one
    i bought the dell 420
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