Extra SSD - worthwhile to use if stuck in IDE?

So I currently have an SSD as my boot partition, with some games I use heavily (Rift, GW2, etc) - all my other applications and games are installed on a regular ol hard drive. Will I notice any performance benefits if I hooked up my extra SSD in IDE mode, and stored my apps and games on there? My motherboard only has one SATA port that can go in AHCI (MSI P55 GD65).

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  1. Why can't you enable AHCI on the Intel controller? That would give you a total of 6 ports in AHCI and up to 2 IDE drives.
  2. The P55 GD65 only has 7 SATA ports, not 8. The blue port is the one I think that I can turn into ahci, but ill check the others.

    Does it make sense to store the other games and apps on the alt ssd?
  3. AHCI mode applies to all ports on the Intel (and the non-Intel) controller; you can't selectively activate AHCI on a per port basis. If you install an additional SSD, then it makes sense to use it.
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