ATi 5770 vs. 5750 vs. 2x 4850 in CrossFireX


I do a lot of photo, music, and video editing, some mild-serious gaming- I like to play in HIGH graphics, and I also need it for homework.

I have a 250$ budget for my GPU (s), and I have come up with three options for my ATi build (I have plans to compare it with an nVidia build).

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. *bump
  2. Get a 5850 if you can find one, I live in NZ so i dont know the prices over there but I JUST bought one after owning the Vapor-X 5770 OC version and you can definitely see an improvement.
  3. What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Tell us your full specs including monitor...
  4. Well, actually, I'm planning on giving my old rig to my parents.

    Old rig:
    2.9 Athlon AMD
    4850 1GB XFX
    600W OCZ

    For my new rig, I was thinking of getting a PSU in the 7xx-8xx range.
    4-8GB of RAM
    a Core i7/i5 at <3.2 GHZ
  5. Right now, I have a Samsung monitor at 1600 x 900, but I might get a Dell 1920 x 1080
  6. 4850 in crossfire would be the best performance wise, but your PSU would be a little overwelmed.
  7. Save a little bit and get HD5850, it would be great for 1920x1080...
  8. Okay, for me, I choose my PSU's after I've decided what parts, so, what would be a better buy? A 5000 series card, or two 4850's in CF
  9. I always prefer a single card solution better than dual (CF/SLI) cards solution.
    And do not get the old tech like HD4xxx series, you'll better with 5xxx series, like HD5850 or even HD5870...
  10. Definitely go with a single 5850. Power usage of the 4000 series cards are quite high, as well as a dead end in terms of future upgradability. And don't bother with more than 4gb of ram, it's not worth it.
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