Need help on my SSD.

I've recently purchased a used Crucial m4 128GB SSD. I did a windows format on the SSD and the usable space is only 106 gb. I understand that there are "reserved space" but ~22 gb seems awfully alot. Maybe these are shadow copies from the previous owner? I've never used a ssd before but is this normal? Any ways to free up more space? I have installed OS on it already so I would prefer not having to wipe the entire drive again.

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  1. Delete that partition. THen reinstall Windows. Make sure that no other hard drives are connected when you install Windows.
  2. Sounds like the previous owner may have overprovisioned the drive. In that case the best solution is to use any utilities Crucial has to clear the drive and start over
  3. SSDs have a dedicated amount of spare area that isn't usable or recoverable by the user. 22GB does seem a bit high, but as an example, my Samsung 830 256GB SSD only has 238GB usable.

    It's also possible that since this is a used SSD that one or more of the NAND chips is no longer usable. NAND can only be written to/erased a finite number of times before it no longer functions. Although this is unlikely, the possibility is there.
  4. I am pretty sure that 22GB was for a recovery partition for the last owner. You can delete the partition and merge it with the main partition like Danny say.
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