Problem with loud fans

I have two of these fans in my thermaltake element v case ..

they say that they are 17db but there not i would have to say there around 30db

i have no clue what fan company's tell the truth about there fans so please give me some ideas
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    So far.. nearly all fan companies give good readings about how loud their fans are. What you're missing though, is that a fan company will tell you how loud the fan is when it's just sitting on a table or something. Once you put a fan up to a case wall, or have it screwed into your window etc.. sound levels change drastically.

    I would suggest getting some rubber mounts instead of using screws. I've used them in my build where I have nine 65+CFM fans, and honestly it's pretty quiet (for a full size, gaming machine).

    You can get them here:

    Luckily I have a trade account with QuietPC so I can buy hundreds of these for cheap.. but even paying full price - trust me they make a difference!

    Most of the sound a fan makes is actually it vibrating the case around it because you've screwed it in tight. If I touch the top of my case I can hardly feel anything at all, and that's with 12 fans in there all together at 100%.. compared to my dads machine that has 2 fans in it and vibrates like a toy joy rabbit ;).
  2. ^Very good point, cases vibrate.

    I use Enermax and Scythe Slipstream fans, they are very quiet even at full speed.
  3. I've used Scythe fans through my whole build. Easily the best quality fans I've used over dozens of computers. Strongly suggest getting some good fans, and rubber mounts if you're serious about noise reduction and performance.
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  5. Thanks for the best answer! Much appreciated!
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