External HDD problem Mac/Win 8

Hi everybody

I recently plugged a mac formatted external drive into a win 8 pc (win 8 couldnt access it) and since then my mac wont recognise it anymore.

it comes up in disk utility but verify and repair will not work.

it looks like its missing a file structure?

can i repair it without losing info?

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  1. How was the drive formatted for use with the Mac? If the drive was formatted as FAT32 then both the Mac and PC should recognize it. You can try a utility live Recuva to see if you can recover any data ( http://www.piriform.com/recuva ) or http://www.squidoo.com/format-recovery
  2. Hi buddy,

    The actual problem of the drive is the change in file structure.The mac OS uses HFS+ type and in win 8 its refs file system .A new structure designed for windows 8.The solution for your mac hard drive recovery problem is connect the drive to a windows 7 PC,format it with fat or extfat file system or some other common structure for win and mac .To restore the datas use this tool given below.IT is good in recovering datas from formatted windows and mac drive as well.


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