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Ok i'm upgrading my comp and am going to use one of my parents old TVs as a monitor. It does support a pc via dsub input, but it also has an hdmi input. I read the manual, which you can get here if you really want to go the extra mile:

It says under the "hooking up an hdmi device": This is not intended for a PC hook up! If you want to hook up your PC go two pages down.

Now in the part that describes the PC hook up it shows that the maximum res is a mere 1024x768. The hdmi section doesn't say what the max res is, but i know the tv's max rez is 1366x768, which isn't that much better. I'm pretty sure hdmi would give better quality than a dsub, but the manual says not to use it for pc which i just don't understand.

I want the best quality out of this tv as I will be gaming on it. I realize this isn't the best thing, but I have no money so this is what i'm stuck with.

Which input should I use? HDMI or DSUB?
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    For that resolution you wouldn't need hdmi connection, just use that dsub input...
    At that lower resolution, no matter what input you're using, you will get the same result...
  2. :( thanks
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