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Now that Intel is starting to get serious about putting good graphics in their IGPs, the great masses of IGP only systems will have a higher graphics common denominator, so I'd like to start seeing more 3d content in web pages, like the ability to manipulate products for sale in 3d to see it from all angles, make a 3d model of myself and place it behind the wheel of a Ferrari just to see how good I look, maybe a 3d search engine person you verbally tell to find stuff for you- program them to have a bit of personality-tell you a joke occasionally or whatever, umm 3d porn? That might be interesting. What, in your opinion, should the web of the future look like? Thoughts welcome.
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  1. I'm fine with how it is...
  2. best buy (and others, but they are the first to pop into my mind) already have a feature that will allow you to view a product from all angles.

    if you are referring to actual 3D (like the current craze with movies/games), it will be a long time before anyone makes 3d webpages like that, considering how expensive the tech is and how small the market is
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