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Heres the Issue Im having. Whenever I try to download .exe or some .zips I receive errors that my files are corrupted, failed integrity check, NSIS error. I doubt I have a virus Since i have this problem on my windows desktop/laptop and my ubuntu box also my ps3. When I go outside of my network I am able to download everything without a problem. Also I have done clean(reformated) install of windows and ubuntu on 2 different box.

This is what i have tried to fix the problem but with no luck: replace both modem and router, also use registry fixing tools with no luck, disable firewalls and AV.

Any one have any suggestions to try and fix this problem. It seems like a firewall is blocking some packets. I have search endlessly in google to help solve this problem but have yet to find a working solution.
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  1. /bump any help?
  2. First, plug your computer directly into the modem and see if you run into problems. If you do then you know the issue is with your ISP and you should call them. If everything works fine then move on.

    Next hookup your router to the modem with only you connected to the router. Try to download. If it fails, then the issue resides with the router (try updating firmware) or resetting the settings to default. If its fine, then add 1 device at a time to see which one is causing the network trouble.
  3. Ok I hooked up my desktop to the modem and was able to download without any problems. I tried to Download VLC.exe from while connected to router and recieved NSIS error. When I connected to modem I was able to download without a problem.

    I looked at my logs on my router when I tried to download the VLC.exe and I had a messages saying [DOS attack: FIN Scan] attack packets in last 20 sec from ip [], Sunday, May 09 ,2010 08:53:02. Is this a threat and could it be causing my issues? If so any ideas how to block or stop the DOS attacks.
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