HD5770 vs GTX 460

will gtx 460 be overkill at 1600x900.....

how much performance loss(in terms of frame rate) will there be if i choose ati hd5770 1gb over gtx 460 1gb at 1600x900 resolution.....

what frame rate would i get with hd5770 and gtx460 at 1600x900 resolution for Crysis warhead,stalker,metro2033 etc at highest settings.
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  1. I don't know the FPS details, but I would say the GTX460 is what I would consider the top choice for 1600 x 900. The 5770 is a nice budget card and will handle many games at your resolution, but the GTX 460 is the perfect choice for that resolution in my opinion especially with DirectX 11
  2. I would go with a GTX 460 for those graphically intensive games. It certainly won't be overkill; you probably won't get very good frame rates at maximum settings at your resolution. Here are some benchmarks:

  3. The HD 5770 is a really good GPU, the GTX 460 runs circles around the HD 5770 but costs ~$30(768mb)/$70(1gb) more.

    If you plan to use that resolution forever, the 5770 will be fine. But if you plan to upgrade to a better monitor/resolution, go with at least the GTX 460 (768mb) for not much more.
  4. http://techreport.com/articles.x/19404/11

    I think about 5-10 fps. Note that these might make a big difference because it may push your performance below the 30fps threshold for the more graphically intensive games.
  5. You'll be fine with an hd 5770.


    Here's an hd 5770 with ocz 16gb flash drive for $129($119 after mail-in rebate)
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