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need to know what the difference is between p4 d541 & p4 d640 trying to use directv2 pc computer meets all requirements but cpu i have p4 d640 3.2 ghz stats i need p4 d541 3.2ghz. pc is dell dimension 5150 p 4 3.2 ghz 2mb ram video pci 512 mb 8400gs
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  1. Is it actually blocking you from installing the software?

    You can find out CPU information on wiki or intel sites. http://ark.intel.com/?iid=subhdr+prodlook_prodspec
  2. everything installs but saids cpu doesn't meet requirements needs to be upgrade to d541 or higher.I thought d640 was as good as d541
  3. I think you have some wrong info.. .or I do.
    The 541 is a single core hyper threaded processor and not a dual core. So no D in its name.
    The P4 640 is not a dual core either but does have hyperthreading also. It has 2Mb of l2 cache instead of 1 that the 541 has.

    I see no other difference myself. Thats a strange problem you have.

    I found thier spec page and the 40 is not on their processor list.
  4. If everything is running aside from the message at setup, ignore it. Although it's a bit odd that it lists a version of the chip instead of just saying how fast of a chip you want.
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