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I am having some odd results from looking at my temperatures. ub trhe summer this year when the cpu was new the system was averaging at around 45-50 degrees on idle and about 75+ degrees on high load.

Now in the winter my idle temperatur is now 60 degrees and my high load temps are about the same. at 75+.

Surely these temps cant be right? I havent experienced any overheating problems to date but was wondering, could it also be that the temps are way off?
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  1. Have you overclocked the CPU or is it running on stock speeds/voltage?

    Those temps were quite hot for an i5 750. Have you tried re-seating the heatsink? This is the common source of these kinds of problems.
  2. stock no overclocking. and did try it when i first installed didnt make any difference though.
  3. well i guess you shud try reinstalling the CPU cooler and get the thermal paste done right
  4. did that 2 or 3 times, the heatsink position isnt the problem. I think that the program is reading the temps wrong with the same software it detects my latop at running at 100+ where on my main its 75+
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