Newegg deal on Samsung 840 SSD

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  1. Thanks for sharing. That is a good deal.
  2. Your welcome!
  3. BTW, have you seen the SR-71 at the Space Museum in Huntsville, AL?
  4. No, but i would love to , it has been my favorite plane since i was a kid.
  5. COLGeek said:
    BTW, have you seen the SR-71 at the Space Museum in Huntsville, AL?

    lol, I live in Huntsville.
  6. You can walk right up to it. It looks and feels "fast" just sitting there. An amazing piece of tech, especially when you consider the state of the art when it was developed.

    The BB sits right in front of the entrance to the Space and Rocket Center.

    Here is their link:

    Go here and look at the very first map and note the little BB in the picture:
  7. jthill909 said:
    lol, I live in Huntsville.

    I was assigned there 2003-2007. The Space and Rocket Center was the destination for all visiting friends and family members.
  8. That is really cool.Thanks for the links.
  9. Flash the firmware before use.
    The Samsung 840 and 840 Pros are great, but they had initial firmware issues that could brick them. New firmware is fine.
  10. Heard reliability issues about 840 flash memory type can you confirm if this is true?
  11. Samsung 840 uses TLC NAND flash, which makes things a bit slow, and with lower endurance than SSDs that use MLC NAND flash.

    SSDs that uses TLC NAND is supposed to be cheap, as the Newegg deal.
  12. Thanks, for clarifying.
  13. combine1237 said:
    Thanks, for clarifying.

    Mind that the 840 Pro series uses MLC NAND flash.
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