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I flashed the wrong BIOS onto my laptop and ended it being bricked. The warranty had ran out and I do not want to spend any money on costly repairs.
Laptop: LG E500 (
Can anyone please tell me how to recover my laptop after a bad flash?
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  2. First - don't bump your posts. You should read the forum rules on the main forum page. I did it once and was brought up on it.

    Second - you could have the BIOS chip replaced. It would be simple enough on a pc build - but with this being a laptop - I'm not so sure how easy it would be. I doubt you could do it yourself - it might need to be taken in.

    EDIT : Sorry my answer was so quick - I should add that it is unlikely you will be able to recover the laptop without a new BIOS chip. Also, this laptop is dis-continued. Generally if you had to replace the chip - you would contact the manufacturer and ask for a chip for your model. It would cost from £6 - £10. You may still be able to do this - but you would need your local computer shop to install it. I don't know how much that would be.

    Other options would be to see if a vendor has your motherboard in stock. I did find this place but they don't stock it anymore: ( Again you'd need someone professional to install it.

    Your software options are limited : If you were still able to access the BIOS it would be possible to upload the original version from a backup you should have made, or perhaps you could stick the original BIOS from the manufacturer on a USB, plug it in, then reboot - it might pick it up and replace the bad flash, I know that some boards do that, so it's worth a try.

    Other than that - I'd remove your hard-drives and pull the data onto another computer, so you can at least save that.

    Anyway - for future reference there are ways that you can test a flash before applying it. Preferably you should make a copy of the original before you do - and also you should check that your board has a fail-safe for a bad flash. Detecting a USB drive with a legitimate BIOS on it would be one way your board could do that.
  3. Sorry about the bumping, I was very urgent on getting it fixed. I've made a backup of my BIOS so is there any way I could recover the BIOS without replacing a chip?
  4. Did you back up the BIOS on a usb stick, or can you get it onto a usb?

    Most recent motherboards have a facility whereby if a flash goes wrong, or an update goes badly and your BIOS becomes so much mush - you can have a usb stick with the original copy of the BIOS, put it in when the computer is switched off - switch it on - and your motherboard should recognise it and load up the good copy of said BIOS, thus overwriting the bad one.

    If that doesn't work - then you're left with limited options - i.e. take it in to somewhere that can replace the BIOS chip.
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