Windows 7 will not boot after disc compression

I had just finished compressing my D drive which had windows xp on it, then Windows 7 did an automatic update and shut the computer down (compression had been completed) Now when my computer boots up it does not get to the windows loading screen but instead a message pops up which says

JWEHB is compressed Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

There is no way around this screen and I cannot start in safe mode or do a recovery because I do not have my Windows 7 disc. Can anyone tell me what JWEHB is and how I can fix this? I can still get into the BIOS but that's about it.

Asus 990fx
Windows 7 professional 64bit
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  1. Don't make two threads.

    How do you have windows and not a disc?
  2. Sorry, wasn't sure which thread to post in. I bought the computer last year and the guy at the store put a copy of windows 7 on for me, but he never gave me a disc.
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