Galaxy GTX 460 Super OC version vs. GC version

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Can the Galaxy GTX 460 GC version be overclocked to Super OC version levels? Is there a difference between the two besides one just coming factory overclocked? In other words, is it worth it to just buy the cheaper GC version, save some money, and overclock it to Super OC levels myself? Thanks.

CG Version:

Super OC Version:
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  1. Indeed. There is no reason to pay extra for the overclocked version. You can and should do it yourself and you will undoubtedly get much better results.
    I wouldn't recommend either of those cards however. The two best GTX 460s are the Asus DirectCU and MSI Cyclone and both are cheaper than that card;
  2. ^+1
    You always can OC'ing your card by yourself... :)
  3. doesnt it void warranty?
  4. oc voids the warranty yes. can they actually know if you oc the card? not unless you tell them yourself.
  5. XFX/ EVGA does not void warranty, even if your OC the card yourself. Dunno about MSI/ Galaxy/ Gigabyte
  6. I've never looked into it but considering MSI sponsors Afterburner I would think their warranty is OC friendly. But as wh3resmycar points out every warranty is OC friendly unless you purposely tell them you did so.
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