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Can I oc my CPU at 3.00Ghz without crashes?

I would like to know if its safe to oc my CPU at 3.00Ghz so that I can play Wow on my new display card seemingly smooth on Ultra settings. If It isn't safe to oc the cpu at 3ghz then what would be the safest I could oc it at?

Btw, if anyone knows by chance of how many watts over clocking my CPU at 3.00Ghz would require I would very much apriciate it because I don't know how to do the conversion to watts x]

Form Factor
Micro-ATX: 24.5 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.5 cm (9.6 inches)
Intel G33
Front-side bus speed
800/1066/1333 MHz
Processor upgrade information
Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:
Intel Core 2 Quad (Y) Q9xxxx
Intel Core 2 Duo (W) E8xxx
Intel Core 2 Quad (K) up to Q6600
Core 2 Duo E6x00 (C) up to E6700
Core 2 Duo E4x00 (C) up to E4400

Pentium E2180
Figure 2: Intel Pentium logo
Image of Intel Pentium logo
Operating speed: Up to 2.0 GHz
Number of cores: 2
Socket: 775
Bus speed: 800 MHz
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  1. Damn it I posted this in wrong area!! Can a mod please remove this Im sorry for posting in wrong section >.> (Don't move it to over clocking section Im reposting there)
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    It's not a matter of safe; it's a matter of stable. Unstable is not unsafe, it just leads to a lot of crashes and needing to reboot. Overvolting can be harmful.

    I would not push the voltage much higher than stock.

    The only way to know the overclockability of your CPU is to try. Start off overclocking until you reach unstable levels without overvolting. Then lower the ram multiplier and try overclocking more. When you reach a limit (ie a stable overclock) then you can try going higher by increasing the Vcore while increasing the frequency.

    At a guess, I doubt you could get to 3GHz. Maybe 2.5.

    What settings do you play at now and what resolution? From a small overclock on that old CPU, you cannot expect much of a performance increase.
  3. I run on no settings for now as I am waiting for my new display card to come in the mail (geforce gts 250 which should be able to play at max settings) And I run on a 1680 x 1050 res screen.
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