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Hi I just recently built my first pc and i ordered a 1tb caviar black and a 512gb ocz vertex 4. Upon building my pc i found out that my ssd was dead. After i redeemed my rma i was impatient and installed windows 7 ultimate on my WD caviar black. I am finally getting the ssd shipped back to me and i was wondering if i could transfer it to my ssd after it was already installed. I found this but i dont quite understand if someone could clarify that would be great
If you need my system specs just ask.
Thx :D
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  1. This might be an easier guide ( ) but you will need to purchase the full version because:
    Demo Version Limitation: The demo version could only support 100MB partition for testing, you could resize 100MB, create 100MB, clone 100MB all the operation must be under 100mb could be commited, if you want to get full control of this software please purchase the full Edition. The full edition is $36.

    Here is another option from EaseUS:
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