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Greetings, all, I have an ASUS x83vm-x1 computer, and I could connect it to my HDTV Samsung 850 with no problems.

I had to reformat my computer after a virus though, and now when I try to connect it, it will not recognize the TV as a display monitor, simply acting as if nothing was plugged in.

The tv, recognizes something as being plugged in, but displays no signal message.

I have updated the drivers to the latest drivers I beleive, downloading the latest drivers for my Nvidia 9600M GS from the nvidia site, and also performed a dxdiag and everything checks fine.

I beleive the port works fine because it is only when i connect it to the port that the tv will display the no signal message, when unplugged it shows as if nothing was plugged in to said port.

I have also tried using the LCD/TV button (Fn+F8) to no avail.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you in advance.
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  1. Could be your video card is set at the wrong resolution resulting in the TV not being able to display it. My guess is that you will first need to connect your PC to a different monitor. Next set the resolution to the native resolution of the TV. Finally, reconnect the TV to the PC. This worked for me.
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