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So I have a pair of nice 19" flat panel dvi monitors and just upgraded to a AtI5850 which would let me run a third. I have been hunting around for a third identical NEC monitor for a long time, trying to snake one on Ebay for cheap etc. but now im wondering if there might be a better alternative setup than 3 19" squares.

Opinions? I dont want to spend a whole lot and the third 19" will run $100-200

Predominantly I use this for work, office + photoshop, but I also play racing games and the occasional shooter.
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  1. the ideal setup (although not required for ATI) is to have identical screens.
  2. I suggest you keep looking for a monitor identical to the one you already have. I once tried different monitors, and it did not work out. If the sizes are different, you have troubles dragging windows from one to the other; parts get obscured or get undersized. Even the same size monitor will have different color characteristics which can be annoying.

    Be aware that on a 5850, the third port is a HDMI port that requires an active( not passive) hdmi to dvi conversion unit. They used to be $100, but I understand that the prices of such converters have come down a lot.
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