XFX GeForce 9800GT with 128-bit Bus Width? Why?

i have XFX GeForce 9800GT graphics card that does not require a power connector. I ran GPU-Z but it shows me
GPU clock = 580 mhz
memory clock = 700 mhz
shader clock = 1450 mhz
shader = 96
bus width = 128-bit

but website shows that are higher then these, bus width = 256-bit etc.
why is that so? :(
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  1. Do you have the EXACT model number of your card? (should be on the box, or on a decal on the card) XFX I'm sure made more than one 9800GT. Most card makers do! Different versions can have different amounts of memory, different clock speeds, etc.

    Also, you really need to fix the title of your thread. That URL for a title is NOT going to get you many responses. ;)

    Go to the XFX website here, and scroll down. You'll see NUMEROUS variations of the XFX 9800GT each having their own unique model number.

    Their OverView page shows a 128-bit floating point, where as their Specifications page says 256-bit Memory Bandwidth. Is this what you're confusing?
  2. thanx for the response jerreece. i m not confused with floating point bits. but confused with the
    result that is generated by GPUZ.

    here is the link to picture of result generated by GPUZ of my card:

    but verdor claim that 9800GT have 256 bus width, 16ROPs etc.
    i think i will make you clear what am i asking for?
  3. It looks like a "Green Edition" with those clock speeds and the lack of 6 pin power plug but the shader count is only 96 and it should be 112, unless that is also par for the course with an eco version.
  4. but none of the version of XFX 9800 GT claims to be of this specification? is it the problem of GPUZ or the card is reporting wrong information or some thing else??
  5. any one knows about that?
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