Should I buy this Mobo and Graphics card combo?

I do have a spare AM3+ CPU to go with it (an Athlon II X2).
Seems like a hell of a deal after the MIR.
A AM3 motherboard (I have a previous Biostar AM2+ version of it and am pleased so far) with a Radeon HD 5570 graphics card under $50 after MIR.

The HD 5570 (DDR3) seems like a decent card (actually pretty potent card) comparable to the HD 4670 at the Tom's Hardware Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart.Also it's a 1 GB card too.,2803-7.html
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  1. That board is ok; you won't notice much performance gain with ddr3. The ddr2 version of that board doesn't overclock well. It's just an ok deal. You can try selling your old board and ram as a package deal if you don't need the ddr2.
  2. Quote:
    for one that's a low-profile card, are you aware of that, just pointing it out.
    you building a mini or slimline unit.?

    Thanks for pointing that out.Actually it has removable brackets for both looking closer so it could be used in a regular desktop or slimline unit.
    I was towards building a sub $300 hardware gaming PC (older type games no DRM (from GoG) etc.).
    Here is an adequate Power Supply on sale

    I also have multiple spare versions of Microsoft Windows so that will save a bunch as well
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