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I have an MSI motherboard, model MS-7309 running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. Motherboard has the latest BIOS update v2.70. I added a SATA 3T harddrive (WL3000GS A6472c) to the second SATA port, the first drive is a 1T ST310005 20AS and works fine. BIOS sees the second drive as a 3T harddrive but when I boot into Windows and go to Disk Management it only sees it as a 746.38GB drive. How can I get Windows 7 to see the full drive?
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  1. Also tried using EaselUS Partition Master 9.2.1 Home Edition, that shows it as a 746.39GB drive. Seems to me EaselUS is just pulling the same info that Windows is supplying.
  2. You'll have to use Seagate DiscWizard or format it as gpt in disk management. If you use gpt you won't be able to use it for a boot drive with your old motherboard. But for data it should be fine. Oh I just noticed your 1tb is the seagate. What manufacturer is the other one?
  3. It's a MediaMax WL3000GS A6472C
  4. Couldn't find that model on google. Is it an external drive?
  5. Using "Sisoftware Sandra" it reports the manufacturer as Western Digital, so it's a "white label" drive.
    Using Western Digital's - Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics, it show the drive as a 3000gb drive........
  6. Try deleting all partitions on the 3tb drive and re-initializing it as a gpt disk.
  7. http://www.goharddrive.com/White-Label-3TB-64MB-Cache-SATA3-Hard-Drive-p/g01-0530.htm .....This is the drive in question

    I deleted all partitions and set it as GPT...Windows 7 initialized it to 764308MB....
  8. That's just not right! I'd take it back.
  9. Kinda seems like an Windows failure.........Sisoftware Sandra sees it at the correct size and Western Digital Lifeguard sees it at the correct size....but Windows 7 does not
  10. Have you checked for latest chipset/ide/sata drivers on the motherboard site?
  11. Noting that two different pieces of software I tried saw the added harddrive's correct size but windows did not lead me to believe that the Microsoft windows SATA driver was at fault. I searched and located a replacement driver that removed the Microsoft driver and put itself in its place. I then used Westerdigital's - "Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics", tested and zeroed the harddrive, then went to "Computer/Manage/Disk Management" where it now read the proper harddrive storage capacity. Set it at GPT, initialized and formatted...... Capacity: 3,000,457,288,288bytes ......Problem solved...
  12. Way to go!
  13. NanaJo-55 said:

    Thank you so much....
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