Best configoration for inventor 2011

Does anybody have any comparisons on Xeon v i7 for running inventor 2011 and 3dsmax

I was looking at i7 950 overclocked but have no idea if equivalent priced Xeon would be better

I know graphic cards are also important as well and i was thinking of using my Quadro FX4500 or would a modern

card be better as my card is now several years old.

I only upgrade every 3-4 years and do not like changing all the while

I never play games ( as im am no good)

appreciate any advice
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  1. Fill this and paste it here...would be easier for us to suggest stuffs...
  2. Inventor 2011 apparently is not multi-threaded, except in very specific areas. Perhaps you would understand if those areas are important to you, I don't:

    Graphics requirements seem to change after 1,000 parts:

    Otherwise it seems any reasonable graphics card supporting "gaming-like" 3D standards would suffice.

    Last time I looked at a configuration for this app, it turned out higher clock speeds and to a much lesser extent multi-threading were more important than 4 cores. That may point you to a dual core, perhaps easier to overclock, if this is a "purpose-built" PC.

    I have no personal experience with AD Inventor, the info above comes from examining the links I have given you, and one or two others.
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