ASUS Radeon HD 5550 with Dual Monitors?

NewEgg as a good deal on a ASUS Radeon HD 5550 1GB Video Card for $40. I was wondering if it will run two monitors at the same time. I do not want it to run games, but use it to extend my desktop or run two programs at the same time. I was hoping to run a new 1080i monitor and my existing 19" 1280 X 1024 monitor.

Any idea if this is possible?

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    Yes you can. All of HD5xxx series can handle multiple monitors.
    HD5550 is not a gaming card, but it's fine, since you don't want it to run games but just some light work, it's okay, that card should handle 2 monitors fine... :)
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  3. Thanks wa1 for taking the time to answer!

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