Hey guys.

Looking to get a 120/128GB SSD. Can't decide between Intel 520 Series or Crucial M4. Crucial's is $50 cheaper. Only difference I see is the write speed is slower in the Crucial M4.

How important is the write speed?? Will I see a big difference?? Should I just go with Crucial because it is a lot cheaper??

I am an enthusiast gamer. Games will be loaded on to the SSD.

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    For the brand I will get the intel 520, but for the real usage I will get the M4, 1) both are good and the M4 is $50 cheaper, 2) you will not notice the difference between them in the real usage but you see the difference in the benchmark.

    Get the M4.
  2. For gaming you will notice no difference between any decent SSD. I would also consider the Samsung 840.

    I have the Crucial M4 256GB model and its great. If you go this route when you get it make sure it has the 040H firmware as it fixes some bugs and includes performance increases from prior firmware updates.
  3. If I go with the 128GB M4, will performance decrease as the drive fills?
  4. This is from micron SSD Performance States:

    "Performance is typically characterized in one of three
    ways: input/output operations per second (IOPS),
    throughput in megabytes per second (MB/s), or with a
    composite benchmark that gives unitless results.
    The empirical data referenced in this paper was taken
    from a sample SSD from a well known manufacturer.
    Although the exact shape and amplitude of the
    resultant performance curves may differ among SSDs,
    most drives currently in the market will experience
    similar behavior. As the drive fills, performance changes
    nonlinearly. If the measurement period is sufficiently
    long, the device will exhibit one or more intermediate
    performance states observed during the measurement
  5. abeaty1 said:
    If I go with the 128GB M4, will performance decrease as the drive fills?

    On an OS with TRIM like Windows 7 or Windows 8 performance wont decrease noticeably.
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