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My dad is making a budget in it's job and it tells me they need new GPUs cause the ones they have suck. The problem is that all the computers have 230-250W PSUs. They need the new cards just for some CAD and basic office tasks. Wich one could I recommend to my father?

BTW Here are the specs

Pentium 4 2.8-3.3 GHz
512MB-1.5GB DDR2 RAM
PCI Port
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  1. Just PCI? No AGP or PCIe x16?
  2. He said PCI, no AGP and he thinks theres no PCI Express port
  3. Just choose the cheapest one, any PCI will do the job just fine, since your dad only do light work, plus it's just Pent.4, no need to spend much money on this machine...
  4. Make sure there is no PCI-e port, its possible with the age of the CPU, but i still find it unlikely. He just might not know.
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    The computers themselves will draw about 130 watts max load, so you would have to get a graphics card that requires less than 100 watts. Most graphics cards for AGP or PCI will draw a lot less than this.
  6. He's pretty sure the computers have no PCI-e port. And it's not just a single computer, i think he said 12 computers total.
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