Splitting my steam files between 2 hard drives?

Hello all,

Can somebody give me a link to a video or just a simple guide on how to split my steam folder up?

My ssd is getting a bit cramped and my hdd is getting lonely

Thank you
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    Look for a program called Steam Mover. It was built just for what you want. You can move any or all your games.
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  3. Wow that's awesome. It's so much easier than I thought this was going to be.

    You are a gentleman and a scholar good sir

    Thanks :love:
  4. The latest steam client now allows you to choose where you install your games. No need for steam mover.
  5. Except for Valve games, they have to stay with the primary install (at least the large archives do, you can use steam mover to move the textures and stuff).
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