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Nvidia geforce 9400 overheating

I've been having some issues from what I believe is my video card. I've had the Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT DDR-2 for about a year now. For the past 3 days, it's been extremely hot, to the point where it's miserable in my home. About 107 degrees and 46 % humidity. I have never had any trouble with my video card. My previous video card that came with my computer, which I had built through, blew up. Literally. My fault on not cleaning out my computer like I normally do. Now, I have been cleaning my computer constantly.

Anyway, I'm running an AMD Anthlon 3800 Process Dual Core. Since the heat began, I noticed that my computer screen would randomly turn black, but the tower would stay on. Fully powered, just looked like I turned off my screen. After this happening a couple times, I decided to take both sides of my tower off, and let the cool air breeze through. It didn't turn off for the rest of the night. The next morning, It did it again. I tried everything I could possibly think of. It literally drove me nuts. So I went to bed early and purposely left my computer on to see what it would do. I woke up the next morning with it running fine. But I did have my air on the entire night. After it turning off and on again later that day when it began to get hot, I brought it over to a family member. He dusted out everything, "Re-goo'd" the heat sink on the card and put it back together. Once I brought it home, it turned off. But this time, the computer actually reset on me. After frustration, I removed both sides on the tower again and placed a small fan pointed directly at the video card. It has been running for about 3-4 hours now with the fan on, and hasn't had any problems. I waited on the phone with EVGA for about an hour. Since I did not register my card 30 days after buying the card from, I am not eligible for the 2 year warranty. Now that I have my invoice from the website, I am able to turn it in to EVGA to recieve a new card with only a 30 day warranty. I was also told that this card can with stand about 90c. Which is pretty damn hot, if you ask me.

So now that I have that all out, is anyone else having this same issue? I downloaded SpeedFan 4.41 to show readings and temps of the GPU, etc; It's been going from about 43c to about 50c max. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to make this problem stop without actually having a portable fan sitting right next to your feet as you are on your computer? I do a lot of gaming online. World of Warcraft is probably 98% of the gaming I do. I have thought about getting another fan, but I wanted some advice before I did this. Fan on the video card is moving properly, fan on the processor is moving properly, The two out take fans on the side of my tower are working properly, but I have removed that side to use the portable fan. I do not have a fan that is placed on the back of my computer to cool the actual computer off. :fou:
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    1. 9400GT DDR2 is not a gaming card, so if you want to gaming then get at least 9600GT or GT240.

    2. Is your card single slot version? I mean it only take 1 slot when you install it to the motherboard? If yes then you have a cooling problem, single slot card is not good enough to cooling the card, it can get hot pretty fast.

    3. Already try to re-apply the thermal paste? It's okay if the card is free from dust, but don't forget to re-apply the paste.

    4. Can't you trade your card with better one? Seriously, 9400GT is a very weak card...
  2. I obviously know it's not now. ;) I'm not entirely sure if they will give me an upgrade rather than just sending me the same one. This is the most frustrating thing I've ever had to deal with. I have borrowed a video card that's a VisionTek 512. POS, if you ask me. The video card is getting extremely hot, and I'm not entirely sure HOW hot it's getting because my HWMonitor is not detecting it. I guess I'm going to have to wait it out until I am able to send over my invoice to EVGA and hopefully get an upgrade. To be honest, I'm about ready to throw this thing through a window.

    Yes, I've re-applied the thermal paste to the other card. And no, my card is not a single slot version. I'm to my wits end. I honestly do not know what to do other than trying to upgrade this card.
  3. Okay, wait for your RMA'ed card, if the same problem occur, then it's time to buy a better card... :)
  4. If the two out-take side fans on the side panel are sitting near the graphic card try to flip them over and make then in-take fans instead of using the portable fan. In this case you will need an exhaust opening near the top of your PC- case in order to let the heat out.
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