I know it's crazy in 2010 to still use floppy disks, but many of my clients are older people and they still use floppies! i also know that it is easier to purchase an external floppy drive - i have one - i use it with my laptops. the situation is, i have a floppy drive - already installed in my case, and i want to use it, but my new board doesnt have a controller. i thought i could SURELY find a PCI adapter card (that's why i bought it), but the PCI Express card i purchased is for 40-pin connectors (with two external ports for SATA connections)!

is there an adapter cable that will at least convert 34-pin to 40-pin? Or one that converts from the floppy disk's cable (female) to the USB or SATA connectors on my mobo (should show below in my signature)? i've looked at the card readers with the floppy disk included... they still require the floppy (34-pin?) connector - that's why i'm HOPING someone, SOME WHERE, has something i can use to plug this floppy drive in to!? Can y'all help me, PLEASE????

if not the above, is there a floppy drive-card reader combo that connects ONLY by USB or SATA (on the mobo)?
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  1. Floppies were always on a separate controller so I dont think there will be any adapter cables like you are looking for.

    There are some cheap external USB floppy drives available.
  2. Yeah. i appreciate it. i'm just blown away that some "Bill Gates/Steve Jobs" clone has not built an adapter for a flopply cable connector! i can see it! don't know if it can be done, but surely it's possible. Since most of the newer motherboards DON'T have floppy controllers, i was CERTAIN there was SOMEthing out there i could use to connect it to the mobo by usb or sata! My elderly clients are not into SD chips; they get lost too easily. i'm working hard to make sure each one owns a thumb drive! i have one that collects SD Chips; he's afraid to transfer the files to his PC - says he might lose them! i know, it's mental; but i have to remain prepared to deal w/these people. (sigh) i'm going to have to remove the floppy drive (came w/the case -given to me by an elderly client- that had a fried mobo) and replace it w/an internal sata or usb drive of some kind. i just won't use this PC for any floppy stuff. my other 2 desktops will just have to suffice. if absolutely necessary, i do have an external usb floppy drive. this case already has a multi-card reader (just above the floppy), i just wanted to use the drive already there. i've searched until i'm blue :-(. hopefully something will surface... someday. thanks.
  3. I'm still holding out hope that something will surface. i have removed the floppy drive and replaced the hole w/another media reader w/usb port. i'm sure i'll remove it and put it in another computer. would like to find a hub: 3.5" SATA, or 9-pin internal usb, with USB ports (at least 2), and both firewire ports; the 4-pin so i can attach my video camera to upload film - the 6-pin for my fire-wire drives - would like 2 in the hub. i'm not crazy about having two card reader/writers.
  4. When I built my new computer, I found out it did not support floppy. I used a external usb floppy drive and mounted it in a 5 1/4 to 3 1/2 adapter and pluged it to an internal usb port. Works great.
  5. Why don't you buy (or have your client/s buy) an IDE FDD and then use an IDE to SATA adapter to connect it to the SATA port on your MOBO? I think this is a good alternative.

    Carlos Albert
  6. Sabrent CRW-FLP2 internal 1.44 floppy drive with USB connector to motherboard is the only thing I know for this problem. Sold at Tiger Direct
  7. Thanks to all of your replies. I do have a USB Floppy Drive that i use for my laptops. I really wanted to connect directly to the mobo. So i found one that has a FDD controller. However, i WISH i had not purchased that daggum Microstar mobo Just for the controller... it is a dud. I am rebuilding the PC connected to it - getting back to it this week, probably. Long story, already typed once and lost it during the login. So, stay tuned, i will need Tom's forum and all of you soon :-).
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