6 cell battery or 9 cell battery for this laptop?

i am about to buy this MSI GX660 laptop but one thing that concerns me is the battery. actually, just 6 cell battery is available right now in this model and i am a bit concerned as i am buying this laptop for gaming purpose only. so , do you think that 6 cell battery will do fine or 9 cell battery is a must for this laptop. Here are the system specifications: PROCESSOR: core i5-460M, RAM: 4GB DDR3(2GB*2), GRAPHIC CARD: ATI Radeon HD5870(1GB DDR5 dedicated graphics), CHIPSET: PM55, HARD DISK: 500GB SATA @5400rpm, SCREEN/RESOLUTION: 15.6" HD, Glare (1366*768) LED
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  1. Nothing wrong with the 6 cell. If you know you will be away from a power outlet often, then go with the 9 cell.
  2. How offten will you be using the Laptop without the AC adaptor pluged in?
    Look at advertized Battery life - you can expect from 50 -> 60 % battery life under load, ie Playing a DVD movie, or heavy HDD activity.
    I prefer the 9 Cell battery pack - Like to watch DVDs on plane. Note, not all Li-ion batteries are equal - there are about 6 diff chemical compositions with slightly diff voltage/watt-hr ratings.
  3. well no, i'll be at home most of the times with the laptop. just concerned that as i have to play games, is 6 cell a problem or is it okay to go with 6 cell .
  4. If at home you will normally be pluged in so quest is mute.
    When away from an outlet, just remember operating time will be about 1/2 advertized while gaming - If that is excepable then 6 cell is fine.

    Another point to consider is battery life (not running time). How long the battery will last before needing replacement is highly dependent on the number of discharge/charge cycles - A nine cell will probably last you longer before needing replacement. (Time measured in years)
  5. If a wall outlet is always close then save your money and go with the 6 cell. Your game won't care if your laptop is being powered by the battery or if plugged into the wall outlet.
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