Is it worth just getting a cheap SSD for Windows only?

Is it worth just buying a cheap SSD just for Windows OS only, and using a hard drive for everything else?

Or will this not make much of a difference in speed if I don't put my files in the SSD as well?

And if it is worth it, can you guys recommend me some good cheap SSD that's up for sale?

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  1. Boot up, resume, and shutting down will have increased speeds. Look on newegg for solid state drives. The prices are now well under $1 per GB. The SSD and HDD setup is common. When you install programs that aren't write speed critical, install them to a specific folder on the hard drive, and vice versa for the solid state drive.

    What you want to look for is read/write times. Look for 500+MB/s read&write. Also, sata III if your system supports it.
  2. it suffice to say that once u get used too SSD Speed u can never go back to HDD ...
    ( For ur OS Speed i mean ) ;)
  3. For OS speed and load times, certainly. My 128GB just keeps filling up way too fast though. :)
  4. My personal opinion is that an SSD is the upgrade for any PC without a doubt!
    Even on a system with say an older CPU like a core 2 etc. the speed difference is phenomenal. The only drawback is the price/capacity ratio, although prices have gone down you can still get a far larger HDD for the price of an SSD.
    I would say that a ~120GB SSD installed as a main (OS) disk and a second large capacity HDD for storage is the best setup.
    The one sure thing is that you will not be disapointed you got one!
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