Alienwx or Asus or Acer 24 inch 3D Monitors?!

Im currently using a 32 inch lcd LG Scarlet 2 HDTV for multiple purposes, mainly gaming; I was really intrigued by the 3D Vision addition in the past few months and I wanted to buy a new monitor, buy I couldnt decide which one to buy, I mean, Alienware is the top notch quality monitor for 700$ bundled with 3dVision, Asus also bundled for 500$ and Acer not bundled for 350so$. I figured this was a long term investment so the money isnt really a problem, but what really bothered me was the fact that they are so small, maybe just cuz im used to the 32 inch but Asus is about to release a 27inch onpe but I dont know if it will be on par with the alienware in terms of quality, also, some pple say that 24inch is the sweet spot for 1080p, what do you suggest?
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  1. You you must get used to smaller monitor, since your current is much bigger...
    You said that this for a long term, right? So get the best from those options... :)
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