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Upgrade FastTrack TX2000 on XP Pro for a Data Backup /Server

January 10, 2013 2:24:17 AM

I have recently had terrible difficulty with an HP 2TB external HD slaved to a Win7 computer, as documented here:

As a result of this scare, I am searching for more reliable (and economical) options to backup large amounts of data. Of course, this meant looking at RAID servers, which at this time are not economical.

Now am I considering "building" my own RAID server, which is the reason for this thread. HOWEVER, I may not be starting from scratch with an XP Pro computer.

I may be lucky enough to have a computer on the network nearly ready for this purpose - and my question to the forum is how do (or can I) make it work. This is the current config:

WinXP SP3 (build 2600)
2.4GhZ Pentium 4
8kb primary mem cache
512 kb secondary memory cache
Not hyper-threaded
512 MB Ram (256 x2) [1MB x2 sticks already on order]

IMPORTANT: It also has a Promise FastTrack TX2000 RAID controller SCSI card set up as 1x2 Mirror/RAID1. The Promise Array Management Software is version An excellent article about the capabilities of this card is found here:

Belarc reports 120 GB Hard drives with 86GB free in 2 volumes (a large NTFS and a 6.28GB FAT 32). I think the FAT drive must be a partition for the operating system, as I can only see 2 drives under the hood.

QUESTIONS ARE THESE, assuming I want to migrate to a 4 drive (2 stripe, 2 mirror) configuration:

1. What is the maximum capacity of each drive (bearing in mind that XP can only handle up to 2 TB; that is, can it be 2+2x2 or must it be 1+1x2)?

2. Do I first copy over a mirror image of one of the existing drives to one of the new drives (which would be drive 1)?

3. If the answer to 2 is yes, how do I do that from a RAID1 configuration? Will the FAT partition cause a problem at this step?

4. Is there any way to dumb down or replace Win XP Pro if the only purpose of this computer will from now on will be as a data server /backup on a network?

5. Maybe this ought to have been question 1: do I have enough processing power and memory to pull this off? The RAID card is ATA133 IDE: anyone know where I can get 4 decent, large IDE internal drives??