New sapphire hd 5670 1gb wont install

hello. ive bought a new hd 5670 and i cant get it to work at all, the monitor stays on standby and the cpu fan just keeps spinning. i bought a 405 w psu with it .
my system info is here please help me . thank you
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  1. is it because my mb is pci-e x16 v1
  2. hm it could be, try removing the card and putting your old one and running with the new power supply so you can isolate the problem to the graphic card.

    2.1s have problems working on 1.0 pci-e slots

    tell me your result because i also have a 1.0 slot :( ...
  3. What version is your card? 2.0? 2.1?
    What pcie slot version is your motherboard? 1.0? 2.0?

    Many issues with 2.1 cards running on 1.0 board...
    Your PSU is fine, even 250W-300W PSU can handle HD5670...
  4. it says pci-e 2.0 but alot of people says its 2.1 and my board is pci-e1.0
  5. my old graphics card works fine with new psu
  6. Some 5670's are 2.1 and some are 2.0, if yours says its 2.0 then it probably is.
  7. if it says 2.0 it should work then i dont get this ive upgraded before and never had problems like this. ive tried everything uninstalling old drivers then installing ati ones but its doing the same thing the monitor stays off and the cpu fan is full speedi f i cant get it sorted ill take it back and pay a shop to fit something ive done before
  8. could it be my psu its a hight power plus jeantech pufp-405
  9. could you link us to the one you purchased? thanks hope it works out for you
  10. wait a second did you plug in the 6-pin power connector to the 5770?

    also what was your old graphic card, was it alot lower powered, im thinking it could be your power supply it only has a total of 300watts on the 12v line split into two rails.... makes for only (300W/12v)= 25 amps

    check out this guide:

    it says 37 amps is required and it should run on 30 amps for the 5770 plus you need a 450 watt power supply it says

    here use this power calculator and see what your total power requirement for your system is:

    EDIT: yes it looks like your power supply doesnt even have a 6-pin connector.... well theres your problem lol
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