Will the Radeon Hd 5770 bottleneck my CPU?

I was looking at getting the Radeon HD 5770 mainly for starcraft 2 and of course other games. For the quality and price, it seems like the best deal. Currently my CPU is an Intel Pentium dual core 3.0ghz. It is my understanding that Starcraft 2 only utilizes 2 cores and other games at most 3. Just to make sure though my CPU wont bottleneck the 5770 and my system will be able to handle it.

Radeon HD 5770(possibly)
Pentium duel core 3.0ghz
4g ddr3 ram
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  1. If you mean Pentium D, your CPU is definitely going to bottleneck, its is very weak compared to modern Cores as it is based on a P4.

    However, If by Pentium dual-core 3.0 Ghz you mean an OCed version of any EXXXX CPU or a E6600, then you'd be much better.
  2. It will bottleneck your system in games that can utilise quad cores, and I'm pretty sure SC2 isn't one of those games.


    So to answer your question, it won't bottleneck your system when you're playing SC2 but it WILL in other new games like Dirt and COD4.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116093

    This is the one I have. It was cheap at the time and I just needed a computer. I've been thinking about an upgrade. So it will for sure bottleneck? Will games still be playable?

    thanks for your help
  4. Then nevermind, you'll be fine.
    Your CPU should handle SC2 decently.
  5. Alright great. I plan to gradually upgrade overtime, but wanted to play now.

    Thanks for help.
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