How many hard disk supported by intel pentium 4

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  1. What is the make and model of the motherboard?
  2. You can chain 255 on a scsi chain, you can get sas controllers with support for 128 drives. You can hang a bunch of usb devices off of one port with a hub.

    So the answer is practically unlimited. Your processor isn't what limits the number of drives, it is the OS and the motherboard.
  3. If you are running a Pentium 4 then most likely you are also running IDE and PATA ribbion / master/slave/cs pinned hard drives. Those have a limit of 4 drives. Even the CD ROm is included.

    As others have said USB and SCSI will add however many drives you wish.

    I cannot elaborate anymore without knowing what Motherboard and OS you are running.
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