Freezing computer and strange beeps

hey guys, about a week ago i turned my computer off and it did its updates as usual, i left it over night because it was taking a while. in the morning it was still stuck on an update. so i restarted it and now when put under stress such as gaming, eg starcraft or lol and mainly ksp (does it every time) it plays fine for about 5 mins then freezes and becomes unresponsive unless i restart. so i restart and it sends out 3 sharp beeps (2 the same beeps the last one different)
im a bit worried i have screwed the hard drive but am unsure here are specs:

i5 2500k(has been overclocked, restored back to stock)
kingston 8gb ram hyper x
gigabyte GTX560
WD 2tb 7200RPM
600W power supply
asus p8z68 v le MB
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  1. what should i do? it just freezes and i cant do anything but restart
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