Media RAID lost due to Windows Reinstall - recoverable?

I have a 16 drive hardware RAID setup that I use as the basis for my home media server. There are (we're) 2 volumes set up of 16TB and 12TB. My main OS disk crashed yesterday so I was reinstalling windows onto a mirrored pair of disks (separate from RAID in question) and I accidentally selected the wrong RAID drivers during the setup. Windows nicely applied the hardware RAID drivers and made the 2 volumes visible, and then started the OS installation on the 16TB volume. Less than 5 seconds passed when saw the LED's flashing on the 16 drives and realized what had happened - and I killed the install. Now, the 12TB volume is fine - but the old 16TB volume was wiped out in windows and now shows the partial boot partitions from the aborted Windows installation.

I have 11TB of movies and photos on that volumes. Are there any tools that can help me recover the original disk partition and save my data?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Thank you for the assistance. I will investigate those options.
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