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Ok I am a novice so bare with me :O

I have an HP Pavilllion p6600 with a crappy 250 power supply I bought a Corsair 600w power to replace it

here is my pc specs


Ok so I put new power supply in and my PC is not turning on now...

I took special care in not touching anything I shouldnt have....I checked several outlets in my house still nothing. I made sure power supply was turned on in back of machine obviously. The only cord that was a little funny when I hooked it up was on the motherboard there is a 4 square plug and on the power supply cords the smallest was a 6 square plug as the smallest.

All the other cords clicked right into for harddrive, cd rom, and video card?

Any suggestions on this would help


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  1. That 4 pin needs to be plugged into the mother board. You have your main mobo power (the largest plug) sata power and molex for hardrives and cd roms,things like that. 6/8/6+2 pin for video cards, and 4 pin for the cpu.
  2. ok got that the 4 pin needs to go into motherboard but my problem is the corsair doesnt have a 4 plug cord? Does one of these cords break apart atthe connector to make a 4 pin?
  3. Yes look in the manual it should actually be a 4+4 plug, so it should separate.
  4. Whats the model of the psu you brought, it must have a 4pin, top right 4 pin P4.

  5. Ok cool I will check that.

    Besides the power switch on back of power supply and on pc tower is there any other switches on the power supply I would need to mess with to make this work like a voltage switch?

  6. Its the 4 pin P4 in top right corner
  7. Yes 4 pin P4.

    If its not powering on at all, I mean no lights, no fans, nothing check the fuse in your mains plug.

    But without the P4 in it won't work so it will be that. :p
  8. Awesome thanks for your help I bet this is the culpret of my problems :)

  9. the corsair will have an 8pin that comes apart into two 4pins
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