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I recently purchased a new desktop computer that has USB 3. the motherboard is an Intel DH67CL.
However when Im plugging in my Seagate 1.5 TB (P/N 9SCAN4-500) in USB 3 the computer doesn't recognize it at all, not even in Disk management. the HDD powers on but that's it.
It works fine in USB 2. I tried formatting, leaving it as RAW, it wont see it.

Please advise

Thank you
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  1. Of course
  2. Are you plugging it directly into a motherboard USB port or a USB hub? If hub, try it direct.
  3. I'm plugging it directly. It's truly driving me insane, why is a usb3 HDD not working with usb3??? Such a puzzler.
  4. I am having the exact problem my windows 8 Dell N7110 and my Mac OSX will not show up with 3.0 works fine with my Dell on 2.0 ?
  5. Some USB 3.0 cables, including those included with Seagates, do not always fit completely right with certain USB 3.0 ports, and operation at USB 2.0 speed is an indication of this.

    I believe H67 motherboards use a separate USB 3.0 chip, typically a Renesas (formerly NEC) & uPD720200xx, and it may help to install a newer driver for it, like, and then reboot:

    The driver does not seem to install when any USB device is plugged into a USB 3.0 port.
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