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Is this line of cards any good. I see a lot of people suggesting the 5770 for a mid price card, but no mention of the 5830 cards. Are the any good, or should they be avoided?
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  1. The HD 5830s are overpriced relative to other cards which perform better for the same price, even cheaper in some cases. Like the GTX 460.
  2. yeah, HD5770 and HD5850 are more performance-budget wise...
  3. Ah, good to know, thanks. Is there any draw backs to using a GTX 460 on an AMD board?
  4. No, not at all apart from the fact that most AM3 motherboards do not support SLI, should you want to add another GTX 460.
  5. So in the case where the board only has one PCI-E 2.0 slot, there would be no drawback, correct?
  6. Correct.
  7. Haha, thanks again Hunter. :)
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