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Good 7.1 Surround Sound Headset?

I just recently purchased the abs AZ-1 and it sucks. It hurts my ears and my friends are constantly complaining about my microphone being very quiet despite all my outbound modifiers I've given it to try and help. I've had some trouble finding a good one so I was wondering if anyone knows of a good, comfortable 7.1 surround sound headset? I would like to try and keep it $100 and under, but I'll go over if somethings really good.
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    Well I have a G35 headset from logitech that supports 7.1 surround sound and its amazing! i have a few people try it on at my dorm and everyone loves it! if you look for them a little while you can get them for $99 sometimes. also, logitech is really good with the support of the product and all together i give the headset a 10/10!
  2. Here's the problem with these so called surround sound headsets, they only have *two* speakers. Two drivers simply cannot faithfully reproduce surround sound like a true 5.1 headset can. I have the Tritton AX Pros, which have four dedicated drivers per ear, One front, one center, and one rear, along with a sub. Coupled with an optical output and Dolby Digital they simply cannot be beat (for the pricepoint). I've heard the Razors and Logitech headsets before with "surround sound" and they're simply not up to par with these.

    Get the Tritton AX Pros. Now.
  3. My friend has the logitech g35's and he says that they are excellent.
  4. bluerambo said:
    My friend has the logitech g35's and he says that they are excellent.

    YEAH i had mine for over a year now and they are amazing!
  5. the only downside is, is that its digital connection, which kinda sucks.
  6. I'm getting the G35. Thanks guys.
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    nGlad I could help!
    nEnjoy your new headphone!
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