Am I ready for 3D gaming? Also, What about 3D glasses?

I have a reall nice 27'' LG monitor and I have a Fermi 480 GPU. Is all i need now some 3D glasses or what? Do I need a "3D Ready" Monitor? Whats the difference? I play the following games at the moment, BFBC2 and Starcraft2, will they all look good in 3D? Can they even be displayed in 3D? All these questions I would LOOOOVE an answer to lol. Another question is are the $150-$200 pair of 3D glasses worth it??? why or why not?

Heres my rig:

CPU:Black edition Phenom II 965 Quadcore w/Corsair H50 liquid cooler
MB:MSI K9N2 Diamond
GPU:Nvidia geforce fermi 480 sc
Ram:Crucial x2 2gb sticks 1066MHZ (4 gigs)
Case:Coolermaster HAF 932 fullsize (I LOVE IT)
Powersupply:Kingwin 800watt modular
OS:Windows 7 64bit home basic
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  1. i can still watch certain things in 3D right? like movies? or no?
  2. well your only answering 1 of my several questions. Anyone else?
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    Ok, you will need a 3D ready monitor. You can't just use your screen.
    The $200 NVIDIA glasses are ESSENTIAL for 3D pictures, its not the same as those red/blue glasses you get at the movies.
    And lastly, most games made nowadays are 3D. BFBC2 looks quite good, along with COD:MW2 and NFS Shift. I've never played SC2 on 3D though.

    Is it worth it though? A 3D screen would mean you have to downgrade to a 24" monitor which is quite a bit more expensive than a normal 24" PLUS the glasses.

    IMO, its not worth it. My friend has a 3D setup and while it IS quite cool, it hurts your head after a while. Not worth the money, unless you have a multi-screen setup that they have on display at some stores.
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